Every Kid has a Birthday... What if it could change the world?
KidsCanGiveToo is a charity birthday party idea with an awesome twist that your kids will love!

Children GIVE to a charity of their choice and they GET a Visa gift card to buy a birthday present. Make gift giving more meaningful for your kid, your party guests and a chosen charity!

Here's the Buzz

We love the program and have certainly been great beneficiaries of the opportunity it creates for kids. Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey is pleased to have received gifts as this program helps children build excellent character and learn about community service.”
-Teddy Thomas, President and CEO
Ronald McDonald House of Southern NJ

My kids' birthday parties used to seem so wasteful because they would get so much stuff they didn't want or need. Since it's not common practice to open presents at the party anymore, my kids didn't even know which gift was from what friend. KidsCanGiveToo solves these problems and makes gift giving at Kids birthday parties meaningful again.
-Jennifer Garst, Mom of 2
Charity: Marine Mammals Stranding Center

I took my Visa Gift card to a toy store and bought the biggest lego set I could find and I still had some money left over on the card. I helped new born babies in Atlanta, Georgia with the rest of the money that was collected and I really feel like I made a difference. I want to visit the charity I helped one day.
-Nate Royal, Age 9
Charity: My House

My son loved choosing the charity he wanted to help and he was able to buy the perfect group gift with his Visa Gift card. KidsCanGiveToo provided an easy way for me to teach my son and his friends about giving. It's amazing and the only kind of party we will have from now on. 
-Nora Dold, Mom of 2
Charity: Helpful Gifts From the Heart